Saturday, April 4, 2009

Back-yard bogging.

Today my husband, bless his heart!, mowed our yard. This is two days after the torrential rainstorms that soaked Georgia. (Sans tornadoes, thankfully!) I left the yard in his capable hands, took the kids and went grocery shopping. I got a phone call while I'm in line, waiting to pay. "Call me." Click. What was up with that? When I returned the call, I learned that he not only got the lawnmower (which isn't ours!) stuck in the muck which was generated by the aforementioned torrential rainstorms, but his truck was stuck, as well! Awesome! Wonderful! Perfect! By the time I got home, he had somehow wrangled them out of the front grass. Now, under the best of circumstances, my yard will never win any awards from 'Home and Garden', but now it has muddy pits in it! And it's only 1/4 mowed! ACK! We decided to leave the rest of the front yard for later. It's 3/4's covered in oaks, anyway, so it's not like there's a lot of grass to mow. At least we got the backyard done, though a few doggy toys went to the giant puppy playground in the sky.

Now if only I could catch up on everything else...


  1. hahaha... This is exactly what would happen to me@! Now you understand my issues with yard work :)

  2. What we need, Jenn, is to make enough to be able to afford good lawn care! Then it'd be someone else's problem! HA!