Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Vikings and dictation

Okay, I feel like my first post should be something awe inspiring, something showing my unique talents as a writer, blah, de blah, de blah. So what comes to mind? My eleven year old's report on Vikings.

Have you ever thought about how truly difficult it is to take dictation? I hadn't.. not until today, at any rate. I just thought, "Yeah, no biggie. They talk, you type." Suure. That's the way it works.. In theory anyway. IF you don't have a kid dancing around the living room, showing you exactly how Dane axes worked while he's chattering a million miles a second. IF you don't have a seven year old hovering around your other ear, telling you all about the universe and black holes. IF you can actually hold in your laughter at the paragraph long run-on sentences.

None of which happened in my house.

I count it as a good day of school that the report actually got done, and I didn't hurt his feelings by laughing in his face.

We done good.


  1. hahaha! This sounds like my house! ALWAYS. Whether I'm on the phone, helping a child do homework, or talking to my hubby--i've got loads of background chatter. Where's the off button when you need it for all that extra static? LOL! Glad to see you were able to get it all done. Cute site! Jenni

  2. The off button's somewhere in the back, I just know it! I just haven't found it yet! LOL!