Sunday, March 29, 2009

Feedback, feedback, feedback!!

There's nothing worse for an aspiring writer than readers who don't give feedback. Honestly. I cannot stress how important it is for us to know how our writing is seen. Are our characters 'real', does it make sense for them to do (fill in the blank) in this particular chapter? We share our work with other writers, sure. And we get very valuable feedback. But there's something about letting someone who simply enjoys a good book, someone who can read without dissecting sentences, read a manuscript in the works. It's from those people that we know Jonny can kick the cat in chapter two, but when he learns in chapter eight that his mommy is dying, we'll still make them cry.

I once worked for a company that produced e-books. I was what was called a 'first reader'. Basically, what I did was read the manuscript pre-publication, dissect it page by page, and send it back. This is NOT what I'm talking about, people! We're not asking you for detailed descriptions of what works and what doesn't. That's what we have our other writing buddies for! We're wanting to know if Point A takes you to Point B, or does it whizz past Point B, heading straight for Point K? Do you CARE about our characters? Do you want to read more?

People, it takes more than just writers, agents, editors and publishers to produce a good book. The best manuscript in the world won't get touched if there's no one willing to read it and GIVE THE AUTHOR FEEDBACK!

If you're lucky enough to have an aspiring writer ask you to read their manuscript, and you're interested enough to say 'yes', please follow through. That's all I'm saying. It makes life easier for everyone...

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  1. Very true! I also have to add that we love to hear that you love it, but specifics are worth more. What were your favorite parts? What did you not like? Anything about the characters that bothered you? Is there anywhere you wish the story had gone, but it didn't? etc. :)

    Great post Shanti and welcome to the blogosphere!